What to Do If Your Employee is Tested Positive for COVID 19

Coronavirus outbreak has caused business leaders to come up with plans to strengthen their business. It is not an easy task as governments are now encouraging businesses to implement remote working. To top it off, employers now also have to face the worst-case scenario of coping with an employee who is tested positive for COVID-19. The following are 5 tips on what to do if your employee is tested positive for COVID-19.

1. Express Sympathy to the Employee

As an employer, you should express sympathy to your worker when he brings the news that he has contacted with the COVID-19 virus. You can give your employee time to share his feelings. You can tell your employees that you will always be supportive for him and that you will always be available to talk to. If possible, you can offer a paid leave for your employee.

2. Clean and Disinfect the Work Area
Immediately, the employer should make arrangement for the work area to be completely cleaned and disinfected. The cleaning and disinfection should be in line with the cleaning guidelines recommended at the CDC site. Cleaning staff are advised to use EPA approved chemicals according to the manufacturer’s instructions. When cleaning, the staff should wear appropriate personal protective equipment, and eyewear.

3. Find Out the Close Contacts of the Sick Employee
The next step is to connect with the human resource department and find out who the employee has been in close contact with in the past two weeks. The step can be skipped if all your employees have been working from home in the past two weeks. However, you can ask the sick employee if he has been in contact with other coworkers.

4. Contact Those in Close Contact With the Sick Employee
The human resource should contact everyone who is possibly exposed to the sick employee and give them advice on CDC. Those who are in close contact with the employee should be sent to work from home. The human resource department is to send a message asking the people in close contact group to take the initiative to monitor themselves for symptoms. You can expect that they will ask a lot of questions after receiving the news. You should ask them to go to see the doctor on their own if they ask you whether their family is at risk.

5. Follow Up by Email and Phone
You can follow up the conversion by email in case they did not pay attention to what you were saying due to feeling too overwhelmed about what has happened. Sending messages like that show that your company treats people with respect. It will be helpful if the employer take the initiative to follow up on all the employees who are tested positive for COVID-19 as a way of showing a caring gesture. The employer should do his best to call as many as possible if it is not possible to call everyone during the difficult time.

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