Can You Protect Your Property from Flooding Caused by Tropical Storms

Protecting your home from hurricane disaster is important because it is one of the biggest investment you make in your life. It only takes a single storm to destroy your house so you should do your best to protect it. There are several things that you can do before the hurricane and heavy rain storm approach.

The first thing you should do is to take time to review the insurance policy. You must make sure that it has sufficient coverage for covering the cost of rebuilding the house in the event the hurricane damage your home. Most people will just purchase the same coverage as the price when they buy the house but they are ignorant that rebuilding the house will incur more costs.

You should survey your inventory and keep a list of all the items. In this way, you will know how many items you have and their values. Having this information will make it easier for you to submit claims and get compensation when the flood damages your items.

Flood damage often occur because of a leaky roof so it is important that the roof is secured and not have any hole that allows the wind and rainwater to enter. One way to secure your roof to the wall is to use a hurricane strap to tie it. By tying the roof to the wall, it can prevent it from being blown away by the hurricane wind.

Besides, you should inspect the roof shingles to make sure there is no hole that can allow rain water to leak into the house
. Climbing up the roof to inspect the shingles can be dangerous so it is recommended that you hire a professional to do the inspection and fix the damaged roofing materials.

You can consider re-roofing your house if many of the shingles are cracked or cannot be found. Re-roofing involves sealing the roof with a waterproof tape to prevent the water from coming out. If there is any hole on the wall that connects wires from outside into the house, make sure you get these holes sealed so that the rainwater cannot enter and cause water damage to your home.

If there is a tree growing near your house, you should consider trimming off the heavy branches. Doing so can prevent a tree branch from falling onto the roof of your house or your neighbor’s house. It is possible for the strong wind to break the tree branch and fly it at a high speed towards your window. The insurance policy will only cover a small portion of the tree removal fee if there is a tree branch falling accident that hit your house or your neighbor’s house.

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