Hurricane Matthew has Caused the Death of 11 People in the Caribbean

Hurricane Matthew has killed at least 11 people as it passes through several islands in the Caribbean. Out of the 11 deaths, there are at least 5 deaths that occurred in Haiti. Hurricane Matthew has left a path of destruction and threatening Florida with a widespread damage in the impoverished Haiti peninsula.

An important bridge in the Petit Goave town in Haiti has been destroyed so that it is now impossible to travel to the southwest. Many roads are flooded to the point that vehicles cannot pass through. The communication structures have been destroyed preventing the people from communicating through phone.

According to Francois Anick Joseph, the Interior Minister of Haiti, the strong hurricane wind has wrecked many houses leaving them in a pile of ruins. There are some houses where the rooftops have been blown away by the strong wind. There are also houses that were completely destroyed by the hurricane.

Milriste Nelson, a farmer who own a farm in Leogane town told the reporters that the many of his neighbors evacuate their homes quickly when the strong wind blew away their metal roof. Nelson said all the fruit crops on his fruit trees are all gone because of the hurricane storm.

Several hours after the hurricane has passed through Haiti, government leaders of nearby countries claimed that they were unaware that the hurricane could leave such a devastating effect on the country which regularly gets flooded.

Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti before as a category 5 storm almost a decade ago. Haiti is the poorest country in the region with most of the people living in the slums. At least 10,000 Haitians have gone to seek refuge at the temporary shelters. Many hospitals are overcrowded with people.

The entire country is not facing a shortage of water supply. Mourad Wahba, the representative for the deputy of secretary general said that Hurricane Matthew ranks in the second place as the most devastating humanitarian event following the big earthquake which struck Haiti in January 2010.

The weather forecast station tracked Hurricane Matthew to moving southward to Bahamas starting on the early hours of Wednesday. It was moving at a speed of 125 mph at 2 am EDT and its next target will be Bahamas. By early Wednesday, the tropical storm has already caused some damages in the southeastern part of Bahamas.

The White House told the press that the USA has sent some relief supplies to help the victims who are facing the aftermath of the hurricane in the southeast area of Haiti where emergency warning has been declared. The hurricane will possibly be arriving in Florida on Thursday and it could leave a heavy impact like what has happened in Haiti. Therefore, Rick Scott, the governor of Florida has talked to the residents about the hurricane. He has persuaded the residents about making adequate preparation and making sure that there is enough food, water and medicine. The streets of Florida is filled with a panic atmosphere and many people have already rush to the supermarket to stock up as much supplies as possible. You should also be stocking up the necessary supplies in case you are not leaving to other regions and plan to stay in Florida.

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